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Due to the new APES 110 SMSF Auditors independence guidelines, it is possible that many SMSF auditors may not be able to find themselves "independent" anymore to audit funds where their firm (or network firm) has done more than "routine and Mechanical" administration for the fund.

Download APES - Independence Guide - May 2020 (112 Pages)

Download APES 110 Code of ethics for Professional Accountants (211 Pages)

If you think you are one of these firms, we have a solution for you.

Solution for Accountants / Administrators

Once financial statements are prepared and signed by the trustees, they need to be audited before the income tax return can be lodged. Usually billing to trustees happens at the time of signing and lodgement of income tax return. Hence, it is of paramount importance that the "Audit" happens smoothly and quickly - say within 10 working days.

Our solution brings Trustees, you and auditors on the same platform. Below are the steps which you need to take to get the funds audited quickly:

Step 1

If you are interested for us to audit for you - download our contract and contact Vaibhav on 02 96844199. We offer a free Accounting CRM which can integrate with Your website. You will be able to set up SMSFs without AFSL License and providing advice to your clients and all your Trustee clients will be able to upload documents online from your website. To see how the accountants / administrator CRM looks like use the below credentials.

User Name:

Password: demo123

Step 2

Once you are signed up with us, we will offer you our API and you can integrate with our website and add funds on our platform - this has to be done only once. You can also import from BGL desktop on BGL 360 or with a CSV file

Step 3

Once your website is integrated with ours - you will have a CRM better than most of the largest administrators in Australia for free. You will have the capacity to collect data from your trustee clients - change structure of the fund / lodge form 484 to ASIC / Get financials, tax returns signed digitally by Trustees. You will be able to set up new funds on your website, set up bank accounts and share broker accounts - all this happens on your website as our platform is a white label product.

Step 4

Once fund data for any financial year is collected from the trustees online on our platform or uploaded by you on our platform, it stays there for the auditor to access. You can then upload the signed financial statements for the Auditors Pool to audit.

Step 5

Once the fund is initiated - our Admin team will invoice you based on the below fee - allocate the fund to one of our SMSF Auditors who will audit the fund within 10 days. There are over 40 auditors in our pool currently who are contracted to us.

Download Contract

Please send the signed copy of the contract to to create your account.

What is the cost of each SMSF Audit ?

When you register with us, we will call you and demonstrate how the software works and how to upload documents and how Trustees can be added to the platform. There is no limit on how many funds you upload on our system and there is no fee charged for this service.

The software is free for you.

Once you contact us we will send you a short contract and provide you with a list of documents which we will need for each audit. We will also collect your credit card details for collecting payment of each audit. When you upload a fund, you will tell us what category the fund is - so that we can invoice you and collect money from your credit card as per the below scale of fees. The fee will be charged before our auditors pool commences audit.

We have tried our best to differentiate funds based on our experience and discussions with our SMSF auditors pool on how long it takes to complete an audit of a fund on our online SMSF Audit software, below are these 5 categories:

Type A

$440 Incl. GST : All Members are in accumulation phase. The fund has invested in cash and ASX listed shares and there are no complications in the fund.

Type B

$495 Incl. GST : Type A + some members are in pension phase and the fund owns 1 property without borrowing, additional property will be charged @ $110 per property.

Type C

$550 Incl. GST : Type B + 1 property has a borrowing; additional borrowing will be charged @ $110 per property. (e.g. a fund has 2 properties with borrowings - Audit Fees will be $495 + $110 + $110 = $715).

Type D

$605 Incl. GST : Type C + investments in personal use assets or crypto currencies or an in-house asset etc.

Type E

$660 Incl. GST : Type D + Investment in related trusts (such as 13.22C Trusts) or related non listed companies

Download Contract

Please send the signed copy of the contract to to create your account.

An additional fees of $165 will be charged if the fund has a contravention and an ACR has to be lodged with the ATO.

Administrators do not pay any other fees to use our software and have signed a contract with us.

What We Do

SMSF Auditors Hub provides unparalleled SMSF Audit Services via Australia's leading Online SMSF Audit software
to SMSF Accountants, Administrators and Trustees for a fixed fee

SMSF Audit

Each SMSF Audit is undertaken and completed within 10 working days by a team over 40 ASIC Auditors for a Fixed Fee.

FREE Integration - White Label

Offer free integration to SMSF Accountants so that they transact with their Trustee clients on our platform for free. Legal documents are available to set up Pensions, change structure of the SMSF and set up LRBA Deeds etc.

$55 Actuarial Certificates

Accountants can buy Actuarial Certificates from our platform for $55 Incl. GST for claiming ECPI deduction for funds who have Pension and Accumulating Members.

Set up New SMSF

Accountants can integrate with our website and their clients can set up New SMSF without any financial advice. The single form includes Corporate Trustee and application for TFN and ABN for the fund.

Digital Signatures

Accountants and SMSF Administrators can get financial statements, Income tax returns and other documents digitally signed by Trustees.

Lodge ASIC Forms - 484

Accountants can lodge 484 form to ASIC when the SMSF adds a member or deletes a member.

Why Choose Us

We offer technology for SMSF Administrators and Accountants for free. This technology may take a year to build and cost an SMSF Admin firm over $1M to write it themselves. If you want to future proof your firm and ensure that you compete with the SMSF Administrators operating from the big end of town with a tool which is better than theirs you will choose us.

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